Do you want to build a tribe and don’t know what to do? Nicole Akers has proven experience building thriving, active online communities. The Tribe Builder’s Network is a prime example of this. She has been there since the beginning – meeting people, helping them, and giving them space to be all they can be. I can say with confidence that this community of writers, artists, and creatives is what it is because of her dedicated, intentional, and strategic efforts to make it so. When you need someone in your corner to make you shine, you can’t go wrong with a Community Builder like Nicole. As someone who has worked with her in the trenches, I give her my highest recommendation!

Frank McKinley


“If you want to be successful in virtually any venture online, you’ll need a community behind you. It may be engaged clients—for writers and artists like myself, that could be fans. Yet no one tells you how challenging it is to build a dynamic community that truly thrives. Such a community requires ‘magnets’, ‘connectors’ and strategic application of social catalysts to develop a common vision and build the core of a community, which are relationships. Few people have these skills. Which is why Nicole Akers is such a gem. She has them all, in abundance. Vision, focus, dedication, brilliance, experience, and strategic genius all wrapped up in a personality you can’t help but adore & respect. Well, unless you’re evil. If you want an engaged community built around your business, brand or project, then you’re on the right site, talking to the right woman. ‘Cause you’d be a damn fool not to work with her.”

Jaime Buckley

Author, Illustrator, Dad of 12,

I met Nicole Leakers in an online group where she proactively models building community.   Nicole is not only consistent in connecting people and needs and conversations, which is essential to community building, she is insightful, creative and inspiring in the process. Her leadership has influenced my own writing and tribe building approach.

You will enjoy being in Nicole’s space and benefit from her expertise as you welcome others into your own tribe.

Kathy Burrus


Building a website and growing an online presence isn’t easy. The process can feel isolating and lonely without the support, friendship, and guidance communities provide. Nicole understands from experience the powerful impact that participating in online communities brings to all creatives. She is kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and authentic. I highly recommend Nicole as someone who you can trust to help you light your path to success!

Cori Leigh Mann


There is nothing like a community to build your strength, your compassion, and your focus. There are many different types of community but all of them keep us together. Online communities which focus on a common goal can help tremendously in all areas of your life. In our towns and cities it is very important to be a part of a group or groups. Standing alone doesn’t work. It does take effort, and that’s where Nicole excels.  She shows you how to put yourself into the community and be a part of it.

Janis Cox


When you were starting out on a new Venture there are just so many things to do that it can be quite overwhelming. Making sure you keep your focus on what is important and not have to worry about the behind-the-scenes set up can put you on the fast track to success. Let Nicole build your community so you can focus on building you!

Tracy Lynn

Simple Living Country Gal,

If you’re looking to grow your market and expand your influence, you’re in the right place. Nicole Akers builds online communities by creating vibrant, fun places for your audience to engage and communicate. Whether you’re a creative, an entrepreneur or an adventurer, she has what it takes to help you build your own tribe.

Kay Bolden

Travel Writer and Speaker,

Nicole provides amazing community support with her gentle guidance and open approach. She is kind, encouraging and always ready to help. Her role strengthens the pillars of the community. Plus, she talks healthy! Thank you for everything, Nicole! 

Meg Konovska

Creative Genius,

If you want a person who will be in your corner, rooting for you, Nicole Akers is that person. with encouraging words and clear direction, she can get you where you want to go. For all the time I have known Nicole I have only heard words of encouragement and motivation. A community is what we all need. Nicole knows how to create that. I highly recommend her for all your needs in building the kind of community that will draw others in. 

Anne Peterson

Poet, Speaker, Published Author,

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