Ever get that feeling your lips are moving, but the recipient can’t make out the words? I get that feeling all the time with my kids. I know they hear me, but they ignore what I have to say, usually because they don’t want to do whatever it is I have asked of them. They keep on watching TV, playing video games, roll their eyes, or turn their back and walk away.  

Someone reading this right now can relate.

Lately I’ve had similar feelings about my blog. I have a message that gets shared, but only a faithful few “like”, share, and comment. Guess what? My mom is not one of my faithful followers. Hehehe. That’s a good thing because my core followers are solid. I am grateful for them. They keep coming back because they want to, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

What about the other views? There are other readers that keep viewing, reading along in silence. They don’t know how powerful a direct comment on the blog can be. A simple share… a “Here’s a new take on…”, “This is really cool…”, “Have you thought about this…?” builds huge momentum. If nothing else it lets me know someone gets value from my message, and I should keep moving forward.

And, I am moving forward.

I have been reluctant to share my vision, but when I put a hard deadline on a task, failure is not an option. Here is where my feet get held to the fire and I put myself on a timeline. I’ve had to learn a few things about food and health for the sanity of my family, and I’d like to share the common sense approach with you. I’m writing an ebook. You didn’t know? Probably not. I keep these secrets close to the vest until I’m ready to release them. In the next six months I will release “What the F**k are You Eating?” It’s about the sexual nature of food, how it seduces us, and how it acts in our bodies.

The deadline is timely because that’s Halloween. By October 31st I’ll be releasing the ebook, just when all that candy, sugar, and dye becomes prevalent, and keeps revisiting our tastebuds until year end.

Why do I care, and why should you?

I hold my breath and get really real. There are two little girls who are the reason why I do what I do. They would be carrying a label and be taking daily medication if we had not experimented with food. Too much wheat, gluten, dye, especially red dye, and sugar cause their bodies to act differently. By that I mean change their temperament to an unnatural state where reason cannot be attained, and put themselves, or someone else in physical danger.

At first we thought that the outbursts were behavioral, so we went to family counseling. The counselor couldn’t help us. One day we left her office and never went back. The doctor said they are normal and healthy. So we started looking for other common sense solutions. Both girls are exceptionally bright and high energy. After attending a conference by Kirk Martin we found that food can cause all of the actions our girls exhibit. Check out his website Celebrate Calm. I was skeptical at first. So we started experimenting in our kitchen. We didn’t have to tell anyone. We made subtle diet changes that improved the temperament of our home.

I am not a dietician, or an organic diehard. I don’t purchase anything organic, except rice. My husband has an agricultural background allowing him knowledge of how food is processed, and we know labels are not always a true indication of food properties. We passionately read ingredient labels. Together we discovered how we could change the course of our family one meal at a time. We eat clean, but not always. We allow splurges, and we carefully monitor them so the girls’ blood sugar doesn’t spike or drop too severely.

It angers me when someone comes into our family, telling us to let the girls be kids and eat junk. Look out when the Grandmas come to visit. They don’t understand where we’ve been, and how hard we fight on a daily basis to keep peace in our home. If Grandma had control of the girls’ diets for one week she would do damage that would cause us better than eight weeks of work to restore the harmony in our home. This is a risk we cannot accept.

I am not a proponent of all medical issues being solved with a natural prescription. I don’t believe that is possible for everyone. In our home we use natural solutions as a first line of defense, then evaluate next steps. The counselor couldn’t fix unnatural behavior, the doctor evaluated health, then approved what we do with food.  

As of this writing it is a six year experiment, and by the holidays I’ll share some of what we’ve learned with you. Remember the Halloween release, friends. Can you taste the rainbow of fruit flavor, and feel the Fun Dip sizzle on your tongue? Does the sweet smell of chocolate cause you to salivate? I’ll be working daily to bring by Halloween, “What the F**k are You Eating?” Maybe some of it will stick with you through the year end food choices.

On the blog I don’t only tackle food issues. I write about anything healthy. Professional and relationship health are there, as well as matters relating to the body and Spirit. When I get a little off beat I’ll tuck something under surprises that will help you get to know me better.

If there is something healthy you have wondered about, but haven’t had the time to study, please comment, or follow the connection possibilities. I’ll do the investigation for you, it’s my passion.


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