My pulse raises, my knees grow weak, I am giddy in your presence. I cannot live without seeing you, touching you, smelling you, hearing your voice. I can’t get enough of you. I love you!

This is a love letter, but not the kind you expect.

Family, I love you!

Let’s face it, we get bogged down with the daily details of life, rushing around, taking care of business, and we forget to nurture the relationships that matter.

This isn’t my normal healthy article about food. It is important to keep relationships healthy too, so I pause from the regularly scheduled program to honor those I love. There are no research statistics to share about the latest health craze. It is a letter from the heart, to a few people I am crazy about.

I checked on them, found them snuggled under the covers, asleep in bed. Do they know that I love them?

If I die today, how will they remember me? If I can’t hug them this evening, will the love I imparted to them carry through this life?

To my husband, I love you! You are a wonderful provider for our family. I love the way you support us. No, I don’t mean financially. You build us up, bond us together, you are strong, and I am grateful for you. Write the book! And the next one. Even the one after that.

Live in the places we dream about. Travel. Go all the places your heart desires.

Girls, I love you! Each of you is a beautiful, tenacious, independent, courageous, and an unmistakeable force. Your drive will carry you far in life. I am excited about where you go in life, what career you choose, who you marry. I hope you make the right choices, even when no one is looking. Be awesome!

To my oldest, my Bug, you are a joy! Each morning I hold my breath as you choose what to wear. You have a sense of fashion and an independence that allows you to wear anything you choose. If it’s polka dots and stripes today, then wear them, with head held high and shoulders squared. Own that confidence everywhere you go!

Please Sweetie, wear your glasses. The jeers will go away, but the headaches won’t. Hopefully you won’t be four eyes forever.  

To my youngest, Pumpkin, you are a little sprout now. Watch you grow…up, up, up you go. You have a beautiful imagination. You can make anything come to life in that fantastic space inside your head.

Humor is your delight. Your sillies break up monotony. You remind me how important it is to laugh.

You experience life by your nose. It is keen, it is true. It is your conscience. If it stinks, run the other way.    

“When your face is on the ground?

When you feel your strength is almost gone

And your arms are getting weak

And you don’t think you’ll keep holding on

We’ll help you stand tall on your feet

Family comes first”— Whitney Houston


And, I will always love you!



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