Why Do You Need an Email List?

And how do you get one?

Your email list is like gold. If gold is better than cash your email list is pure gold.

Want to know why?

I hope so. Because your email list is the only thing you own.

It doesn’t matter how many Facebook followers you have. Facebook owns Facebook. It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers you have. Twitter owns Twitter. Pinterest owns Pinterest. LinkedIn owns Linkedin. Yep. You might have guessed Instagram owns Instagram. If you’ve ever had to adjust to the new rules of any platform you may painfully know that you own nothing on any platform you serve. Read that again. You. Own. Nothing. On. Any. Platform. You. Serve. Umm, hmmm. The rules can change tomorrow and dry up your following. Your business is gone. Your platform is blown away because someone decided to start charging for a group, a “free” platform, or Pinterest changed the rules again and your followers dropped by thousands. How do you hedge your bets against this kind of inflation? You develop a list from day one.

Do not wait. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $500. Do not wait until you’re starting to receive traffic. Wait for nothing. On day one of having a blog also be collecting email addresses of visitors who are willing to offer them. You can send subscribers a sneak peek every time you upload a new post.  

Here’s what else a list will do:

An email list will grow your following.

In your welcome email series, you can add a call to action asking subscribers to follow you on various platforms. Even including links in the footer or your email will help. Less effective, but more effective than nothing at all.

Build Trust

A list builds trust. You get to interact with those most involved in your list. They talk to you. They look forward to your email like a VIP club. You get to ask direct questions, share stories, share news, and the relationship is a lot more personal than just reading a blog post. These are also the most likely people to buy a product or service from you. They interact with you because they trust you.

Learn Something

You can learn from your list. You can ask a question like their greatest struggle as it relates to your niche, or ask subscribers to take a survey. You can get blog post ideas when people respond to you emails and share their needs.  You can ask for feedback on your site, your content, and what your readers enjoy most.

Introduce Affiliates

Once you’ve established rapport, personal connections, built trust, and established authority it’s time to introduce affiliates marketing. Your subscribers are much more likely to take your recommendations than anyone who reads a blog post. Recommend products you use and trust and don’t overdo it. Issue disclaimers.  

You can’t have an email list without an email service. And, once you have an email service you need to set up auto responders. You can have a giveaway and ask your established list to share a giveaway contest to gain more subscribers.

Are you ready to start your email list today?

If so click here right now to learn about auto responders.  

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