Do You Need a Lead Magnet?

Yes! And, here’s how to write one.

A lead magnet is anything you give in exchange for the subscriber’s email address. It’s a bribe, if you will, to get them to share their email. Not the one they will never see again…their best email.

Give Something Good

Know your subscribers. Give them something they want, something that solves a common problem. And, give it a great title. Think tabloids at the grocery store checkout. No, not sleazy. I think Journalism class from college. If it bleeds, lead with it. Give it a good title. It’s like writing the title of a blog post. Make it good and juicy. When your lead magnet or at least its’ title is juicy subscribers will opt in.

These lead magnets work well:

Cheat Sheet

This is short, simple, and effective. These are tips, lists, or worksheets that solve a specific problem. The nature of a cheat sheet gives it appeal. It isn’t going to take the subscriber a long time to read it or digest the information. They might print it out and put it on the fridge, or in Evernote.


Free templates are popular and generate lots of leads. Make sure the template supports what you are selling. Don’t give away the store, give something that solves a problem and keeps people coming back to you as an authority. Google for free templates and get your attractive lead magnet made quickly. 


Free Training

Videos, workbooks, or a combination are popular if you offer training or sell a service. Consider multiple step problems and offer step-by-step training as the solution.   

Swipe File

A swipe file of headlines might work if you are a writer. These headlines will keep your blog posts converting for three months.

A report or case study

These are for detail specific niches. Maybe you’re a social worker who can offer a case study. If your niche is finance a report about which stocks are good to buy and why can be your lead magnet.

Get creative, give it a great title, and give a gift for your lead magnet today. Tell us about it in the comments.


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