There’s an App for that.” The phrase has inundated everyday speech, but it is actually an Apple registered trademark. If you haven’t used the phrase yourself, you have heard it in use, because anyone who has a mobile device knows, “there’s an app for that”. Did you know there’s a plethora of apps to help diagnose your health?

The self help industry is a $10 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone. Americans use health websites to get health information. Whether a person is a frequent visitor, or becoming informed about health, 97.5 million Americans get health information online. Web MD, Everyday Health Network and Livestrong top site usage reports.   

Can you hear me now?


It’s not a Verizon commercial testing your cellular connection, but you might want to test your auditory abilities if you’re having trouble hearing.

Teenagers pick up their phones, but they never ring. There are new ringtones that adults can’t hear. Ultrasonic ringtones above 14.1 kHz can’t be heard by most adults. If you’re questioning a loss of hearing, you might want a precursory evaluation before going to an audiologist.

Here’s a 26 second hearing test.

Did you know, “there’s an app for that”?

The Wall Street Journal reports an app from the National Hearing Test, with an 81% to 87% accuracy rate. That’s big news considering there are a variety of tests available with considerably less than stellar accurate results. Siemens, Mimi, Hear, and Sound are also available, and there are a variety of others.

Many have a high false alarm rate. Today nearly everyone has a cell phone, and many people struggle to keep their pocket computer in their pocket. A cell phone is used for, well, just about everything. It is easily accessible, so you may as well use it for something other than social media.

What other health conditions can be evaluated with apps?

Well, all kinds of conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections, for starters.

Colorimetrix is an app developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge. It works by using test strips and applying bodily fluid, saliva, or urine. The app then uses the phone’s camera and algorithm to develop a numerical result to send to a healthcare professional for evaluation. The app can even report glucose, protein and pH concentrations from commercially-available urine test strips. It can be a tool to transmit medical data, or monitor chronic conditions like diabetes.

“This app has the potential to help in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world, bringing the concept of mobile healthcare to reality,”

“This app has the potential to help in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world, bringing the concept of mobile healthcare to reality,” said Ali Yetisen, a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, who led the research.

Doctors want patients to take an active role in their healthcare, but offer mixed reviews of the outcomes.

“I have patients asking me all the time about health-related apps,”

” I have patients asking me all the time about health-related apps,” said Dr. Mike Sevilla, a family physician who belongs to a six-physician group practice in Salem, Ohio. “It’s really a great way for me to talk to my patients and make them accountable.”

Others question the reliability of results, and the apps themselves, suggesting people rely on them too heavily upon them.

Regardless, the outcome, the wave of technology is in nearly everyone’s hand. And, if you have ever doubted the use the App Store, doubt it no more. In all things, even medical assessment, there’s likely an app.

How frequently is the App Store used?

Over 100 Billion. That’s a lot.

Statistica provides a chart with a breakdown:

Mobile App Usage Overview Values Statistic
Number of mobile apps downloads worldwide 102,062m Details →
Projected number of apps downloads 2017 268,692m Details →
Number of free mobile apps downloads 92.88bn Details →
Number of paid mobile app downloads 9.19bn Details →
Worldwide mobile app revenue $41.1bn Details →
App Stores Values Statistic
Number of apps available in Google Play store 1,600,000 Details →
Number of apps available in Windows Phone store 340,000 Details →
Number of cumulative downloads from Apple App Store 100bn Details →
Reach & Traffic Values Statistic
Number of unique U.S. visitors to Facebook app on iOS 47.25m Details →
Number of unique U.S. visitors to Google Play app on Android 72.25m Details →
Monthly social media minutes spent on Facebook in U.S. 230 Details →


“Move over Web MD. There’s an app for that,” may be a new wave in the future of healthcare.


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