Why You Need an Autoresponder Series & How to Set It up

What is an auto responder? 

An autoresponder is exactly what it sounds like – a service that automatically responds to your customers. Better than that, you can set up your autoresponder to send out a series of emails when someone joins your list, without you even knowing about it.

This all happens through a service like MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and a ton of others.

These services are also able to keep you in compliance with government regulations on the use of email addresses and the like (see CAN-SPAM Act).

Why do you want an auto responder?

Ultimately, you will want to use an Autoresponder Series to keep your audience members in touch with you. This is especially helpful to keep new subscribers engaged until you can fully integrate them into your community.

And, it keeps track of your subscriber’s email addresses. In its simplest form–This. Is. Marketing.

You’re on social media channels, and your blog posts are gaining shares and views. Next, you probably want to make money from your efforts.

People won’t buy your products or services until they trust you. In order to trust you, they need to get to know you better.

How do they get to know you? Through the initial set of emails, they receive after subscribing to your list.

What should be included in your email series?

  • Email 1: Welcome. Thanks for subscribing.
  • Email 2: Give them a gift.
  • Email 3: Questions
  • Email 4: Offer tips/tell a story
  • Email 5: Share cornerstone content
  • Email 6: Ask a specific question
  • Email 7: Remind them where to find you
  • Email 8: Make an offer
  • Email 9: Make the same offer in a different way

Make sure you are using a genuine address that people can reply back to. When you ask people a question you want them to be able to hit the reply button and reach you. Better yet, you want to respond.


In the first email, you are welcoming a new guest to your community. Thank them for subscribing. Let them know your favorite social media channels and invite them to follow you there. Give a head’s up their subscription gift is coming in the next email.

Give them a Gift

This gift should be something juicy. Something they want to receive. They are giving you something valuable-their email. You get the privilege of showing up in their inbox. They aren’t a number and they can unsubscribe at anytime. Tell them how grateful you are for the honor and give them a gift.

Any Questions?

See if they have any questions about your gift. Honestly many times your gift goes unopened. It’s about building trust. I like to share why I made the gift for them, what problem I thought it would solve, and ask if they have read it and have any suggestions to improve it.

Give Tips/Tell a Story

Give tips-free advice. Your subscribers are getting to know you. Solve a common problem of people in your niche. It might be helpful to insert a real life story about how you had this common problem and how you solved it. Perhaps link to a popular post content.

Share Cornerstone Content

Share your very best work and ask them to read it. I’ve put together some of my most popular posts. Why don’t you check out a few? List three or 4 pieces of your best work. When you are visiting their inbox on a regular basis you aren’t always going to have cornerstone content. Like Hallmark says, “When you care enough to send the very best”. Showcase your best posts here. Not the ones you like the most, the ones analytics say readers like the most.  

Ask a Specific Question

A great question to ask is what their biggest challenge is. Don’t make them feel they’re writing an essay. Say something like a short response will be great. Let them know that you answer every email, or that you respond yourself. Let them know you’re providing a personal response. The answers to this question will give you content. Write a post to answer their question. Offer a short answer and tell them you’ll write a post and share it with them when it’s finished.

Remind Them Where to Find You

List all the social media channels you are active on and invite them to follow you on Facebooktwitter, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and provide a profile link in each case.

Make a Pitch

This is where you get to make a pitch. State the most common mistake. Because you’ve tested your product and people have told you their struggles you know this. When I fail to do this, the result is this … and don’t you want to avoid that? I’ll solve it for you. Watch for the next email.

Pitch Another Way

Over the last week, you’ve been learning about to how to solve this problem. Highlight how your offer solves their problems and share the price for the product or service. Offer a discount to new subscribers. This usually sells for $57, but when you invest today you get the discounted price of $43. You get the idea. This is your last chance to connect before the new subscriber goes into your regular newsletter series. Make it count.

Comment with your plans for the autoresponder series and let us know when it is complete so we can high five your progress.   


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