Why Start a Blog?

And, some reasons to get started.

When blogging first started it was a way to keep an electronic journal, to share pics of kids with family members. Really it was like a diary, but everything has changed. Today blogging serves as a platform. It’s a way for you to express yourself and share your passions. It’s a way to make a difference.

Many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs blog to make money. Even large corporations have realized that a blog is a great way to endear people to their products and brands. That’s the goal. Once your skills are honed, you’ll tap into the craft. Along the way, you’ll make a difference, maybe even support a cause, or build awareness of the gift that is your passion.

You can take any number of high-dollar courses and spend countless hours wading through things you don’t understand, or you can take my hand, capitalize on my mistakes, and let me help you get going simply and effectively.

You will also…

Share Knowledge

If you enjoy teaching you’ll educate others in your field of expertise. As you build resources on your blog you realize there is an opportunity to monetize your blog by creating a product or service that solves problems for a group of people.

Improve Writing/Spelling/Grammar Skills

The more you do something the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis. Their writing improves with time and they become quicker at creating their craft. They also proofread their own writing or hire an editor. Either way by the time they hit publish they have learned how to improve their skill set with each post. Being a good writer is not necessarily a prerequisite. The craft improves with time.

Start a Blog for Monetization

Blogging can be just for fun, but many people who set out on the adventure want something more. They want shares, views, clicks, backed up with analytics, and money. Show me the money! I mean show you the money! Remember Jerry McGuire? Ahh yeah! What you learn from your initial blog, the mistakes and the successes will likely show you the money. 

Build Your Network

Blogging is a community-based effort. You’ll learn to network with people who can help you. Better yet, you’ll be able to help others too. Be prepared to make friends. Be prepared to give. Let the giving put you in a place to receive help from others. Share others posts, make friends, share others’ work. Build your friends, your support base, your network, your community.  

Earn Exposure and Market

Businesses create blogs to expand their online presence, announce a sale, connect with people who will potentially generate revenue. It’s not much different for an individual. The scale is smaller and the goal is the same. Creating blog content that is valuable, helpful, entertaining, or solves a problem will grow your traffic and rankings.

Become an Authority

In time and with a community you will become an authority. Publishing blog posts that are relevant and timely will get the attention of thought leaders. Your community will promote you as an authoritative source.

Comment with why you want to blog. Share your excitement for the journey.

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